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New Homes

Whatever style you like, we will provide a beautiful, energy efficient home. Our years of experience will provide you with expert advise in space planning, finishes, construction and site orientation.


We have designed hundreds of additions to existing homes and have worked closely with homeowners for decades. After a thourough survey of the existing conditions of your home, we will design an addition that fits the needs of your family and blends in with the existing structure. 


This is an example of a 134 unit condominium project. It consists of 4-unit buildings with a community building. 


Your project does not have to involve an addition. We will also provide design services for interior remodeling of kitchens, bathrooms or an entire area of your home. Some projects involve removing a wall between spaces to open up the plan. This often happens in older homes that were built when the approach was to have a very compartmentalized plan. Today's family prefers an open plan and overlapping spaces.

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